熊本大学に台北科技大学のChe-Hua Yang教授をお招きする機会を利用して熊本大学CASTセミナー兼SICE九州支部講演会を開催いたします。

日時:2018年3月23日 13:00-
場所:熊本大学黒髪南キャンパス研究棟Ⅳ 3階会議室

タイトル:Defect detection and material characterization with quantitative laser ultrasound systems

講演者:Che-Hua Yang (Professor, Graduate Institute of Manufacture Technology, National Taipei University of Technology)

概要:Laser ultrasound technique (LUT) employs noncontact optical methods to generate ultrasonic waves for defect detection or material characterization in critical structures for the purpose of nondestructive testing (NDT). Several LUT systems have been developed in Taipei Tech with industrial applications. In this presentation, basic principles of LUT will be introduced. Applications of LUT will be presented including applications in nuclear fuels, fuel cell, thermal spay coatings, and 3D printings. In the meanwhile, qualitative and quantitative LUT-based imaging system called QLUV system will be introduced with applications in defect detection and material characterizations. Finally, works in QLUV system with flexible piezoelectric sensors collaborated with Prof. Kobayashi and Prof. Tanabe will be presented with further works introduced.

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